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Beyond Never Dies, But Sings Louder

okay, first attempt at posting an article. i just realised that some of the articles i managed to salvage are incomplete, and i have less than i thought i did. bummer.

here's an article from 1998 - the title is a reference to their song "never dies" 打不死, hong kong theme song for lethal weapon x, the one where mel gibson is too old...

- - -

Magazine: CashBox (Taiwan)
Time: March, 1998 vol.46
Title: Beyond Never Dies, But Sings Louder

Ka Kui is a talent, but we're absolutely not; I'm not at least, so we have to use other ways to make up for the part that we're not talents. For example, we'll find many different ways to compose, maybe we see something that happened in society, we'll write it down on purpose, and we have to do some works on purpose.

To stage a comeback, the most difficult thing is to compose, because composing is the core of a band. Other people's countenances or…..These are already not important to us. I know many people compare Beyond today with former Beyond. Some people are expectant, but some are disappointed with you. There are many different confused opinions, but those are all other's opinions that we can't control. However, the most important and the biggest "toy" is in ourselves.

I think no matter Beyond of three or four, even the same band, comparing before with now must be progressive or doing less well than before. But being progressive or doing not well than before is just others' opinions. We have our own standard in our mind. We know what we wanna do. In fact, we don't know if Ka Kui was still alive, what kind of music he would have composed. Nobody knows, but we only do what we can do and what we like the most.

The most important of all, what we do to continue the band isn't for you to think we don't do less well than before. We insist that the songs in albums must be written by ourselves. The record companies have wanted us to use the song from other composer, but we never did. The boss asked us once, and our looks are bad, then he never mentions again and forever.

If a band can't compose songs, it shouldn't exist. No matter if it is in foreign countries or in Taiwan, every band composes their songs. A band's look or style is according of their music. If they have no band's look, it isn't a band. This's our most insistence.

Beyond today and former Beyond are different, but some things are the same, the feeling with which we play instruments and music doesn't change. However, composing is quite different. In former Beyond, Ka Kui composed more songs, but now Paul composes the most. Maybe there is something different, but I think the direction is correct.

Besides, we lack someone to play instruments. When we have two guitar players, composing is easy. When four people play instruments together, we can take the effect soon. It's very easy. Now, Ka Kui isn't here, and the feeling we three play instrument becomes weak. I think it's hard, especially in composing, and Paul is toilsome. He plays guitar himself, and we use keyboard to help him.

In fact, no Ka Kui, no Ka Kui's voice, the feeling of whole band is different, because his voice is gone basically. When Ka Kui organized this band, he made us learn many things. Although he left, we don't feel we got enough. The leaving of Ka Kui is a big effect for us. It's that we work harder and spend much time. If we work casually or do less well than before, we'll be ashamed to him.

Ka Kui had said before that "Hong Kong is no music sphere, but an entertainment sphere". It's true, and the same condition at present. It's funny that we don't pay attention to others in the backstage, and we can chat happily. We often heard that Beyond have our own language what we talk about. We don't know this situation, until one day, someone told us "Do you know? Nobody knows what you talk about". We don't reject others, and we don't feel rejected. It's just different way. We know about the rule. Sometimes, we can understand others. In the sphere for fifteen years, we seem to have insistence, but also seem to have no insistence. For example, we insist on playing live, but if the show we wanna go to can't let us play live, we'll compromise. In the sphere for a long time, maybe we can't adapt to it forever, but we have found our life style.

When we just came out, we had much pressure on every record. We faced a problem - the manager told us that if our next record couldn't be sold for an set amount, we should say bye bye. The record company was smaller, so they had pressure on numbers. They needed us to sell more.

Actually, most bands will consider the market and composing will be neutral, including Nirvana. After all, record companies are business minded. Many people said "Beyond's music seems not heavy than before". I think that's because our ages are different and our opinions of events or music are different, too. It's more mature. We'll use newer mature ideas to play. Three people stand up again, there are many things we need to overcome. Some things are hard when we lack one. For example, when we composed before, four people played together and we can know the feeling right away. But three people need to record in the tape and listen to music, then decide to increase instruments. The effect isn't bad, but slower. And we can't know the answer right away, so it's harder.

I remember the year 1995, we had a concert. It was the first big concert that we stand on the stage again. I found that fans gave us much support, so the pressure I gave myself become bigger and I wanted to do better. Because we don't want to make fans disappointed, make Ka Kui disappointed. We don't want to make the name Beyond bad.


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