Sunday, July 03, 2005

since the last post mentioned zen and rock records, here's some archival news...

February 02 1999



HK Commercial Radio Station held a 'Band Competition Show' on 31 Jan 1999, many bands attended the event, accepted awards & performed, including Zen, who hasn't been out for some time. However, Zen was bitterly booed by the audience almost once they started to sing, "SO UGLY! NOT FUN AT ALL! GO HOME!", with all kinds of horrid remarks. Although Zen took no notice, but BEYOND stood up for them. Paul told the audience, "Rock bands are getting extinct, yet you people are still trying to force them down the stage, isn't it like fighting within ourselves?! I really can't stand it! However, al least it was only a small group of people who are doing it, most of you are very well-behaved. As for those who don't like it, the door is just over there." BEYOND had never been booed before, but if they were to come across such a situation, they would simply turn up the sound effects, pretending not to hear, as well as not allowing any chances for anyone to boo.

Reporters felt Zen is really pitiful, but Zen said, "How pitiful? We got an award yet we are pitiful?" They treat the audience's remarks as a joke, because whenever Sam shouts to them in the recording studio, "GO HOME!", it means they've finished their work. Four of them said they heard nothing from the audience, as the music is really too noisy. They are not clear about the fact that BEYOND actually stood up for them, because they were then at backstage doing interviews. Lead vocal Heng said, "Their mouths belong to them, I can't control what they wanna say. Must I do everything they want me to do? I might as well 'go home'!"


BEYOND is always so full of fury, although they've been around for 15 years, but in a recent interview, Paul told the reporter Rock Records gave no help to their music at all for it is nothing but GARBAGE in and out!

Paul admitted he was the one who made this remark. "I said it. I'll take the responsibility." Ka Keung, who was beside him explained, "Maybe to say the Company is garbage is a bit too much, but they really DID made us all so FURIOUS! This particular interview was done during X'mas, about 2 months ago, before they explained things to us, we did not expect the report to be published only till now. Now that we've got all misunderstandings cleared, our fury had ceased."

The reason why BEYOND was so furious was because their latest album was originally planned as a Mandarin album, but as it was almost completed, Rock Records abruptly wanted them to change it to a Cantonese one. BEYOND felt the Company had no respect for them at all. When asked whether they would be worried the Company may be unhappy over Paul's remarks, Sai Wing snapped, "Did they consider our feelings before then?"

BEYOND hope Rock Records would keep their word and be more respectful, or else it won't be long before they are considered nothing but GARBAGE again.


At July 20, 2005 12:22 AM, Blogger Artkruger Letchmi said...

hey update more often.... i like to read your blog

At July 20, 2005 10:29 AM, Blogger rachael said...

thanks, but sometimes it takes me a long time to formulate and write these! hence the long breaks between entries.

i post more often at my other blog.

At August 03, 2005 6:51 PM, Blogger Artkruger Letchmi said...

no new entries? looking forwaard for them!

At August 09, 2005 8:02 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I really enjoy to read your blog because it is in english and about Beyond~!!
I really hope you could translate more article for us that don't know how to read chinese.
could you please translate some of the articles in the at the magazine section-้›œ่ชŒ่—้คจ about ka keung?
hopefully you have time!!
I spent hours trying to read some because I can read a little and tried using dictionaary. but still doesnt work so great.
thanks and keep on blogging!!

At August 09, 2005 2:44 PM, Blogger Artkruger Letchmi said...

Still waiting for new entries rachel.... Busy lately?

At August 09, 2005 3:18 PM, Blogger rachael said...

sorry i can't really translate chinese. wish i could but i'm of those overseas born chinese who get all the words wrong at karaoke. haha.

i still have some old articles that people translated for me years ago to post up later.

ah sorry for the lack of posts, mostly lack of inspiration lately :(

At August 11, 2005 8:18 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ohaha..i thought that you know chinese..thats ok, im born overseas too (CBC==) and I sometimes really wanna read the articles but I cant. Im working hard to learn now!!
anyways, hope you get some inspiration and write some good articles, or post some of those old,translated articles meanwhile!!


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