Monday, August 15, 2005

I'm also a DJ

On Radio FM933 in S'pore on 24th August 1998 @ 1100 -1200 am

Throughout the show, they talked about their fave music type, shared some fave music pieces and tried to analyse their personality...

ALL: Hi ! This is Beyond, and we're also the DJs for tonite.

Paul: Yeah we love to play music. If I'm not playing the guitar, I'll run to Wing's position to be the drummer. It's really COOL, you know. Moreover, it's so loud and everyone can't help but notice. Also, you needn't worry about the chords... Way Cool !

Wing: If Paul takes over, then I'll move to the piano.

KK: I play the bass. Actually, I like the drums as well. But Paul is always faster (the other two laugh). Anyway, I enjoy the guitar too. It 's lot more convenient to compose with it too.

("Forget You" starts playing)


Paul: Actually, we like a variety of music. Rock of couse, and Jazz too. Jazzists like Miles Davis..., we like new age as well...

KK:... Alternative

Wing: And we all Adore David Bowie.

KK: Yeah!

Paul: David Bowie is a chameleon. We've always regard him as a model to learn from.

KK: Now, we'll recommend a song we think is pretty good. Dou Wei's " Gao Ji Dong Wu"

[Music plays]

[Part 3]

KK: Our habit of composing music is...(laughs) we'll return to our 2nd home , that is our band room. Then we'll start to chat, and on and on and on......... [laughs again]

Wing:... then we'll go into our the room to start playing some music...

KK: Ha, i guess this's really our bad habit... we chat more than we make music most of the times... i think it's important to us coz we don't wanna make music when we lack inspiration. We don't want music without soul

Paul: Also, we don't wanna be like other 9-5 workers; we try not to see music as our work. We want to make music only when we have the inspiration. OK! I'll play the song by Zhang Chu , " Gu Du De Ren Shi Ke Chi De".

[Music plays]


KK: About my Personality... i'm a Scopio. I like to read and play the computer. I enjoy being in the crowd, but not all the time... Maybe few times a month... I stll prefer to stay at home actually.

Wing: Well, i'm a Leo. I love the nature. For instance, I enjoy fishing. And I really adore the sun!!! When I see the sun, I'm fiiled with hope!

KK: ...[laughs] doesn't it hurt your eyes...

Paul: And i'm an Aries. Supposedly, Aries are reckless bunch. But I don't think I am. Well, i guess i have split personality. Sometimes i'm outgoing, otherwise I can be an introvert as well... Can't really explain why. Heard that in the Horoscope there exists some elements which determine your characteristic.. maybe these different elements cause me to have split-personality...

KK: OK, i'll play for you from Garbage "Push it"

[music plays]

[Last part]

KK: I think that may Chinese musicians make good music too ! Say in China -- Dou Wei (Black Panther] , Zhang Chu... and there's this Zhu Zhe Qing's " Ah Jie Gu".. think it's comparable to international labels. Also in Hong Kong, for instance .... [pause for quite long]

The other 2 begin to chuckle...

Paul (tries to intimidate him) : WHO?!!!!

KK: our 'big brother' Sam Hui... and many who are behind the scene

Paul: I like Lau Cheock Fai.

KK: Yah, he's a lyrist.

Paul: Yeah! And Lam Zhei...

Wing: Lam Zhan Cheong...

Paul: more of the lyrists...

KK: OK! We'll the last song for tonite. Our "Miss You".

Paul: We'll miss you after we leave...

Wing: Hope you'll think of us as well...


[music plays]


At August 16, 2005 9:01 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

ah you finally updated! =)
haha..that was pretty funny, what year was this from?

At August 16, 2005 9:02 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh nvm, lol its from 98. didnt check the top before :P

At August 18, 2005 6:39 PM, Blogger Artkruger Letchmi said...

Ha... a entertaining one... where did u get that from? since u're in canada?

At August 18, 2005 10:21 PM, Blogger rachael said...

a nice singaporean person translated it for me. i'm actually from australia...

At September 23, 2005 6:07 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey rach, can u help me out getting more info on the band and their music? i'm from brasil and no one ever even heard about these guys down here.. i only happen to know them coz my dad's from HK..

i'm really into HK music, funny thing coz i can't speak a word of chinese =]

anwz, if u think u can help, email me at



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