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(from when "Never Dies" was made the theme of Lethal Weapon 4 in Asia, ho ho!)
From East Touch 21/7/98

Intro: Beyond has always been "dynamic". This year, they're finally making a dash into Hollywood. No, Beyond's not turning into actors; but they'll be singing the theme song for Lethal Weapon 4 for the Asia market, known as "Never Dies".

" Even though Asia is huge, when you talk about Band Sound which possesses power and dynamism, which else can deliver it better than Beyond? The foreign version was done by the band Van Halen... Naturally the Asian version should be done by Beyond." Beyond expressed energetically.


Simply because Beyond is energetic, the movie and the band complement one another perfectly. Though the threesome are already 30+, they would not hold back any dissactisfactions. For instance, when their ex-manager re-produced some of Ka-Kui's pieces again, Ka Keung used three terms to describe how they felt -- very unhappy, disgusted and irritated. To continue on dissatisfaction, Keung frowned and added -- " just like the new airport, the facilities though look good, cannot function properly. The toilets are tiny and dirty; baggages get lost easily and the transportation services are useless... you spend some much yet it's not working well. Economy's affected, why did they still insist to use it ?!!!"

Looks like Beyond's never gonna keep their views to themselves!


Being able to perform this theme song, Beyond's reputation can be expected to soar again. Asked if they would be entering the international entertainment circle, Paul answered it with wits, " It's always been our dream. Able to perform the song this time round, we'll regard ourselves as an international band, thus we actually kinda looked forward for this chance!! We took about a week's time to finish this song, it's considered fast because we really feel that the movie and our band are a good match.


So Beyond's been around for 15 years. Still, they'll been criticised on their lyrics. Ka Keung's first response was, " anyone will have weaknesses, but uniqueness may also be uncovered from the weaknesses." Paul added, " Band members are not professional lyrists. We can only use the truest and most direct way to express our emotions and what we want to say. There may be no structure nor organisation actually. The lyrics if being too refined will not resemble band music too. Moreover, we aren't some learned or studious people... But we're trying to improve ourselves, by using different angles to look at matters and learning by observing other lyrists."


No doubt Beyond's appearing less and less in Hong Kong. Instead, they seem to spend more time in Taiwan. Wing explained, " Well Taiwan 's bigger, there are more media thus we have to spend relatively more time over there. In fact, much time are spent in traffic jams and waiting to take positions for TV shows. It's common to take 2-3 hours !" Finally Beyond declared that HK's good. Moreover, Taiwan's currency depreciates , while $HK is more stable!!!


When asked about the trend where commercial theme songs filled the HK pop, Ka Keung quickly responded, "That theme song for the commercial about skiing is a hit! I can hear it every night!!!" Beyond thinks that it has become a phenomenon in HK, but appears to be a fad. Just like earlier, TV theme songs were a hit. Paul commented, " These songs are like publicity trailers... they're played frequently, so it's really easy to be absorbed. It's just another mean of publicity for the record company." Would Beyond be interested to appear in commercials? Wing answered, " Unless the terms are really attractive, or that we're in need for cash!"


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